Friday, March 25, 2011

Lunch at Tiffin's

...get it??

Sorry, readers, for leaving y'all hanging for so long. It's been a busy few months.

At the moment, Janel is microwaving brown sugar with a wet paper towel on top of it. (do so to soften hard brown sugar (see photo))...the lengths we go to to make fudgy chocolate chip muffins.

(Half an hour later)

Lisa is pouring the results of our labor into a cake tin. We adjusted the recipe a bit, using chopped up chocolate instead of chips and adding 2 tbs extra cocoa powder, as well as a bit of water to make the more moist. As Lisa put it, "Well, we'll find out. Live and learn!" I think this pretty aptly sums up our baking experience tonight.....

On another note, Janel's inaugural visit to Devon Ave. was highly successful! The two of us, along with Janel's friend Dingo, had the $9.95 lunch buffet at Tiffin, one of many Indian restaurants in the area. The price included a basket of delicious naan, sizzling tandoori chicken, and a tantalizing array of other Indian specialties. Dingo, being the pioneer that he is, tried the salad as well, and noted the presence of oranges among the lettuce...strange!

Our meal was followed by a trip to the Patel Brothers grocery store, the largest Indian food chain in America! The three of us enjoyed browsing the selection of spices and other unique items. Janel went home with a box of henna powder and frozen garlic naan, and I bought several packets of 20-cent Indian ramen and ready-made Indian dishes that came in pristine, un-crumpled packaging. These will hold me over next finals week.

Our muffins (now turned cake...) are done and a tad mushy at the center, but it's nothing we can't handle.

Until next time,