Saturday, July 17, 2010

Happy Go Pot-lucky

Hello, readers!
(Are you out there, readers?)

I'm writing to you from the inside of Lisa's kitchen, where elaborate preparations for a potluck picnic are currently taking place. Being the ambitious potluck-hostesses that we are, we've made a carrot-cake (with homemade cream cheese frosting!) and a vegetable pizza. ...I'm now an expert at preparing white, creamy substances.

This frosting doesn't require powdered sugar or whipped cream - just cream cheese, honey, brown sugar and a little butter. Yum! I feel a little bit diabetic now because I ate all of the leftover frosting... see left.

Here's Lisa with the vegetable pizza. This is no traditional pizza, folks.
Look at all those vegetables she cut! What a pro. You can't see it beneath the forest of vegetables, but there is a layer of cream cheese-ranch-mayonnaise sauce and a crescent roll crust underneath (lovingly prepared by yours truly).

These are sure to be smash hits. ...

Until next time (although Lisa will have to hold down the blogging fort until I get back from China),

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